About Us

Caelus is an Indonesia clothing label founded in 2019, with a vision to bring comfort wear with a touch of local heritage. Without removing any posh and modernism, we aim to give uniqueness and colors to your mundane wardrobe staples.

From co-Founder
Caelus embodies the essence of comfortable clothing blended with Indonesian heritage. In our tropical country, we encounter challenges such as heat and humidity. Therefore, we have crafted the perfect clothing to cater to your everyday needs.
Andreas Darmawan
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Our Story
From the adoration of distinctive and proper clothes....

Caelus was invented by two schoolmate who love good and suitable clothing in every occassions. 

It was just another ordinary Saturday, they were sipping coffees in local Deli, when this crazy idea popped in their heads. A clothing line that would break typical stereotype of comfort wear and daily work clothes. The name “Caelus” comes from latin word for clouds, sky or heavens, which then translates to cotton as a resemblance of “soft and cozy”.

Caelus is here to give what people have been searching for, a day-to-day contemporary and comfortable clothes with a hint of Indonesia’s legacy. Perfect for commute in busy city, appropriate for a meeting with clientele, and still appealing for that Wine & Dine with your loved ones.

All Caelus products are created locally by small businesses. We believe in our local talents, and also contributing to society by supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SME/UMKM).

Made in Indonesia

Our clothes are 100% made locally here in Indonesia


We always use the most comfort fabrics for our lines


All raw materials are selected and designed to give our customer top quality products and models